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Torqeedo Cruise 4 TS Tiller Controlled Standard Shaft 4.0TS 1236-00

Torqeedo Cruise 4 TS Tiller Controlled Standard Shaft 4.0TS 1236-00
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Cruise Outboards. Power, endurance and convenience without compromise for leisure and commercial use

The Cruise series stands for smooth, powerful performance. They are ideally equipped to meet the challenges of daily use and they feature all the advantages of a Torqeedo high-tech drive system – ideal for motor boats, dinghies, sailboats and demanding commercial applications.   Now with Super heavy duty CNC machined anodised gear and motor caps. With fishing line protection and spline drive Propellors (No drive pins). Super tough anodised underwater sections with Aluminium Anode protection.   More range and power than any other electric 48 volt outboard
Minimum weight with maximum performance Onboard computer with GPS
Extra robust design. Protected from corrosion, even in saltwater   Operates with lithium or AGM/lead-gel batteries   Waterproof to IP67   The Cruise T series for boats, which are controlled by Tiller, The Cruise T models come with substantial improvements over the original models: The fact that they already supplied the best overall efficiency on the market didn´t stop them from going even further. These models achieve efficiency rates of 51 %, which means over half of the energy supplied by the batteries is transformed into propulsive power (measured after all losses, including propeller losses - this is very high). In addition, they have made the motor even more robust. Tiller with multifunction display. Integrated GPS receiver supplies data to on-board information system.
Handle for tilting and trimming the motor.
High-efficiency drive train converts battery energy into propulsive power with unparalleled efficiency.
Transom bracket with tilt/trim mechanism.
Tilt/lock mechanism. Setting "Tilt/Auto kick-up" enables tilting and activates grounding protection (full-throttle reverse drive not possible). "Lock" setting enables full-throttle reverse drive (grounding protection disabled, tilting not possible).
The Cruise 4.0  requires a battery voltage of 48 V. We recommend a battery supply of batteries with at least  2 off 180 Ah capacity each. Lead-based batteries are not resistant to high current that a motor like this can demand, i.e. the capabilities indicated are not available when the batteries are to be fully discharged in a short time (e.g. 1 or 2 hours). For this reason, you should allow for sufficient reserves or... Alternatively, the Cruise 4.0  can also be run with two lithium-manganese battery from the Torqeedo Power series. Using Litium batteries especially Torqeedo Power items comes with unrivalled advantages in range and information feedback to the remote control.
The computer integrated in the tiller analyses and combines information received from the motor, batteries and GPS. While the motor and GPS Lithium battery data are very accurate, the lead acid battery information is based on estimates which can vary according to the connected battery type, age and capacity in each case.  

Input power in watts Cruise 4 4,000 
Rated voltage in volts Cruise 4 48
Propulsive power in watts Cruise 4 2,040
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power) Cruise 4 8 hp
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust)  Cruise 4 9.9 hp
Maximum overall efficiency in % 51
Static thrust in lbs Cruise 4 214
Total weight in kg Cruise 4 18.0
Shaft length in cm Cruise 4 62.5
Integrated battery   No 

Tilting device manual with grounding protection
Trim device manual, 4-step 
  Propeller dimensions in inches 12 x 10
Propeller speed at full power in rpm max. 1,250 Standard propeller   v20/p4000 Spline Drive 
Alternative propeller options v13/p4000 v30/p4000 and V19/p4000 (weedless)(v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts) 2-year limited warranty for recreational use, from date of purchase

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